The Unknown

The Unknown is a procedurally generated horror game made by a one-man team. Each playthrough is different and is only limited by the amount of content I could make in 48 hours, so I encourage you to play through it a few times to really see everything and get the full effect. It’s meant to be very replayable. Due to the nature of the game, sometimes you’ll get an easier playthrough than others. The game’s emphasis is on Sound, replayability, gameplay and atmosphere. It is an exploration of the feeling of panic and hopelessness that comes from being lost, both mentally and physically. You must find a way to escape the labyrinthine depths of whatever hellish place you’re in, but be careful… Fear is your worst enemy.
The Unknown was made in 48 hours for the Asylum Game Jam. The game was made by only one person, David Rico. It is meant to be a small taste of what procedurally generated content can do for horror games, and an even smaller sample of what Rebirth has to offer players in general!


  • Procedurally generated levels. Each playthrough will be entirely different.
  • A diverse variety of scares and dangers.
  • Immersive atmosphere and sound design