The Unknown v0.02 released!

**New Build v0.025 is up. Sorry for those of you who got the build with the bugs, this one should be better.  All download links updated to new versions**

Ok so as promised, I just released a patch for The Unknown. The links in the download page have been updated to point to the new version of the game.









Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that caused tags to block your path
  • Fixed a bug that caused tags to float in mid air if attached to a physics object
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game ending to not work correctly
  • Fixed the bug that caused the map to sometimes not spawn enough chests to finish the game

Content Additions and Features

  • It is now possible to die from other ways other than Fear. Be careful when traversing The Unknown!
  • Improved the look of the Fear overlay
  • Added new scares
  • Added new room types

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