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We will demo Rebirth at Florida Supercon 2014!

Hey fellow game people, I just wanted to let you know that we are officially going to be a guest at Florida Supercon 2014. Supercon takes place in Miami, July 3 – 6th. We will have a booth set up with some PCs, courtesy of Alienware, as well as be hosting a panel about indie game development titled “Game Development: Do it for the feels”. This will be the first time we’ll have a playable demo of Rebirth available to the public. We expect it will be filled with bugs, but hopefully also be super awesome. We are working like maniacs to meet the deadline so we can have the best demo we can available for you fine folks to…

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Site Facelift

The site just got a facelift! I was looking at the site and just thinking the old site didn’t do our games justice at all. It was there, it gave information, but it didn’t really present the games how they deserve to be presented. I hope I’ve fixed some of that, though I’m expecting I’ll keep making the site look better and better over time. Oh and check out our new logo!

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Rebirth – Melee Combat

So for Rebirth I wanted to make sure we had an engaging, challenging and fun combat system. After about two weeks of work on it, I wanted to give you all a peek at what it looks like at the moment… It’s very late so I won’t go into too many details yet. The gist of it is, there’s some dismemberment (just added it today!) which only triggers based on doing extreme damage to a body part. There’s also damage based on hit location, length of hit (if you hit an enemy for longer it does more damage) as well as velocity of swing. All the weapons (and enemy claws) are actually what triggers damage. If a claw hits you,…

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There’s a new video coming your way soon. You don’t want to miss it!!!

You REALLY don’t want to miss this video. In the next video we’ll be blowing the lid off our most closely kept secret, the horror and stress system in the game. This system is also tied to the world and the plot of the game, so those of you who know a bit about Lovecraftian lore may be able to piece together some info based on the next video… I also wanted to let you guys know that we’ll be needing you, our community, very soon. We’re looking at launching a Kickstarter campaign fairly soon in order to purchase licenses we need to be able to get the game in your hands and make the game even better. Trust me…

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At GDC 3/18 through 3/24!

I will be attending GDC next week! I encourage anyone who wants to meet up to talk about anything to reach out to me while I’m the area. I’ll be there giving people a sneak peek at the crazy stuff we’ve been working on for Rebirth which has kept us very hush hush, as well as live demoing/watching you die to floating heads if you dare play The Unknown. I will be at the YetiZen party at the ATT&T ballpark with a small little table demoing a few of last year’s games, as well as Rebirth with some new and old gameplay footage, as well as answering questions about everything to the best of my ability.  I just now learned…

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GDC – A newbie’s struggle

So I will be attending GDC for the first time ever this year. I’m pretty excited about it but also a bit nervous. Steam Dev Days was a blast and was very constructive, it feels very nice to talk to other game developers which is not something I get much of a chance to do here in South Florida. Going to conventions is really a breath of fresh air and an overall awesome experience. So why am I nervous about GDC? Because it’s the first time I may actually meet some media face to face, for one. Another is that I’ve never attended before and I still feel unsure about my choice of pass (“Expo”) not being good enough to…

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Global Game Jam 14 – Clumsy Wrex

  So I forgot to post about it since I decided to participate last minute, as per my usual tradition with game jams it seems. The result of my last weekend’s insomnia laden-sleeping-on-couches-adventure was Clumsy Wrex, a game where you physically control (or try to) a T-Rex who doesn’t really mean to destroy your whole city, he’s just sort of clumsy.  It’s meant to fit the theme by offering things from a different perspective in disaster movies, so while you are rampaging through the city and sounding menacing, subtitles show that you’re  really quite polite and non-violent. To understand the kind of game it is, let me just tell you what some people have used to describe it. “Dino Twerking…

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Steam Dev Days Summary

Hey folks, I see it’s starting to become a bit of a trend lately to go a bit too long between posts. Sorry, it’s been quite hectic lately and a lot has happened. For one thing, Holidays and then of course, we got invited to Steam Dev Days which was quite a cool opportunity that we took advantage of as much as we could!   Steam Machines So… yeah, we got two Steam Machine prototypes and controllers courtesy of Intel and Valve respectively! We’re still playing around with them so I can’t give you folks any clear opinions on then one way or the other but the controller is quite interesting. I did a bit of experimenting with the controller,…

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The Unknown v0.4 has been released!

Hey folks, There’s one thing that was bugging me a lot about the game, and it’s the fact that the enemies and the game didn’t have enough dangers and was a bit too easy. As such I took a little time and added some extra danger mechanics to the game . You can now die without reaching a full fear meter from certain special events. The fear meter will still kill you if it gets filled as well. I also took some time to add a couple new room variations and scares, as well as a 4 way junction… this should make the dungeon more confusing than ever, and will pretty much force you to use the tagging mechanic built…

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The Uknown, thoughts on keeping it alive.

  So The Unknown got released last week, people seem to have generally enjoyed it and asked for more things and changes. I released a few updates to take care of bugs and other issues as well as add a few more features but it’s definitely not at a place where I’d say “This is the final game I envisioned”. There are a lot more things I think can be improved, more bug fixes, more locations, improved mechanics, adding a story and more of a “game” aspect to it. Lots more. I’d love to sit down and finish it, by continuing to work on it every day in the evenings. There’s a problem though, time, and money.  Time I spend…

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