Dead Man Walking is a small group of indies currently with professional full time jobs to pay the bills. They’d love to be able to pay the bills by making games you will love. They’re passionate about making games that deviate from the current AAA norm of dumbing games and difficulty levels down. They love horror, games that make you think, and games with high replay values. They work hard to bring you games with advanced AI and tons of procedural content generation as well as immersive worlds and content. They actively poll their community for ideas and feedback, often times implementing suggestions that came directly from players. They want to make your dreams happen!

Early history
Dead Man Walking studios was founded by David Rico, a professional Software Developer after putting his spare time project up on Steam Greenlight and seeing an explosion of interest from players of all kinds. Realizing that his fun hobby project may interest others, he slowly started to find team members who shared in his vision until the current team was formed.

After that
Dead Man Walking has been working on Rebirth since January 2011. Having gone through things like engine transitions, members leaving for full time jobs and other things, they are now working as hard as they can to try to get Rebirth in player’s hands. They sure could use your help though, because they have been having a really tough time getting press to talk to them!